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Friends and Lovers

It has been said “If Abraham was God’s friend, then David was His lover.” Both of these were true. What is amazing is that infinite holy God desires those relationships with very finite and broken humans. Both of these men were extremely broken men with plenty of baggage. God enjoyed relationships with them though He already knew the worst about them; what they had done and would do. Broken with baggage: That sounds a lot like you and me. The next time you are at church, don’t be rude, but just look around and know that though we do not want others to know the truth about us, and we try to hide it, every other person there is just like you: broken and full of baggage. And yet, because of the type of Person He is, God desires a relationship with you and them today. He already knows what we have done in the past and will do in the future. But He is willing to meet you right there and right now. He wants you to see and savor Him. It must be on His terms as defined in His Word, but God still desires we humans to be His friends and lovers.

– Pastor Jeff