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Where Is God in the Midst of Our Most Difficult Problems?


I am going to borrow some of this from Chip Ingram’s Blog. This will be in line with the new sermon series beginning on Sunday, June 19, “The Power of Prayer”

We all face adversity in life. Sometimes it is because we make an honest mistake, or sometimes it is because other people do things to us that hurt us. But sometimes, bad things happen to us for no apparent reason – even when we are following God. It is during these times we naturally cry out and ask for God to help.

But what happens when God is silent and our prayers aren’t being answered? And our problems get even worse?

On June 19 I will begin a series “The Power of Prayer” by looking at Peter, who was in prison (Acts 12:1-19) and see what the early believer’s did. Join us and let’s experience the “The Power of Prayer” together. See you then!

Pastor Rob White